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UK employers facing skills challenge

UK employers facing skills challenge

November 2009 - It seems that employers are failing to make the best use of the skills they have in their businesses with one in seven (14%) workers claiming not to be using their key skills for the job they are doing. This picture gets no better with 32% of UK professionals not believing they have the right skills for their current role.

This issue is particularly acute in London where nearly half of all workers reported that they felt they didn't have the right skills for their role. An overwhelming majority of these workers (92%) felt that this has negatively impacted their performance at work.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, comments: "The UK talent market has seen significant change in the last year, and we're confident the right skills exist to help companies continue to emerge from the recession. What these figures show is that there's a huge challenge coming for employers in getting the people with those skills in the places where they can have greatest impact.

"Yes, there will be an element of up-skilling the workforce. Training and development has a huge role to play in the coming months to ensure everyone's expertise remains relevant to a changing business environment. But making the best of the current skills out there shouldn't be ignored either.

"During the recession many employers put square pegs in round holes as they were forced to focus on very immediate business issues. What is needed now is a more considered approach to talent management and recruitment, working closely with recruiters to map out the exact skill sets needed for individual roles now, as well as seeking the talent you'll need to enhance your organisation in the future.

"It's an approach we've been working with all of our clients to focus on throughout the recession. It's crucial now more than ever if employers are to continue taking steps towards recovery."