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Short term gloom, long term optimism

November 2008 - Around three quarters (72%) of British workers are worried about the security of their job. As a result, people are clinging on to their current role, with 12% fewer people are now looking to change jobs as compared with three months ago. However, that still leaves nearly half (43%) of the workforce still planning to change jobs in the next year, and confidence over long-term careers remains high.

At a time when redundancies are dominating the headlines, swathes of the working population are unsurprisingly worried about their job security.

However, the optimism of the last decade seems to remain, with half (50%) of office workers remaining confident over their long term career, and about one in six are very confident. One of the drivers behind this seems to be expectations of the length of the current downturn. Fifty-eight per-cent of workers expect the economy will recover within the next two-years, and so should have little impact on their long-term ambitions.