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“Replaceable” culture takes hold

Workforce in the dark

May 2009 - In spite of the overall level of workplace happiness rising, more than a third (38%) of us feel undervalued, with one in ten (10%) convinced that their employer sees them as easily replaceable.

The trend peaks amongst 16-24 year-olds, with nearly half (48%) of them feeling undervalued. Unsurprisingly, the banking and financial services market is home to some of the nation's most disillusioned employees, with the HR profession hot on its heels. Only 57 percent in each of these sectors feel valued at all, with a worrying one in four banking professionals (22%) feeling that they're easily replaceable.

Two key factors seems to be driving the trend - a job market swollen with candidates, and employers that are focussing on business critical issues at the expense of basic good talent management practices. The result is a talent market that is becoming increasingly commoditised. The danger for employers that ignore these figures is that they'll lose their best people as soon as a better opportunity comes along; something few organisations can afford to do.

"At a time when organisations need to be getting the most out of their people, this should make for alarming reading. Whilst there are many people looking for jobs, there remains fierce competition for the best talent" comments Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark.