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Staying put

July 2008 - Our April 2008 survey revealed that almost half, 48%, of workers were considering changing jobs by the end of the year. This quarter, that figure had dropped to just 31%.

The drop coincides with a fall off in confidence - one on four (25%) of workers say they are less confident about their career prospects than they were at the start of the year.

Accounting and finance professionals are most likely to stay in their current role, with 76% planning to stay put for the foreseeable future, with legal (73%) and manufacturing (74%) employees close behind.

But it seems the trend for staying in the same job is not attributable to a nation of happy workers. Our Index shows the biggest jump in workplace dissatisfaction since the survey began, with around seven and a half million discontented workers in the UK compared with just six million three months ago.

It's more likely that employees are staying put because of a lack of opportunities elsewhere. Nearly one in five (18%) respondents reported a recruitment freeze in their company.

However, it seems many companies are still vulnerable to losing staff in certain circumstances, with over half (56%) of all employees saying they'll look to leave their job if pay increases and bonuses are significantly lower than expected this year.