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Managers fall short

July 2008 - This quarter's survey showed that there was a big gap between what employees need from their managers during the current economic uncertainty and what they're actually getting.

By far the most desired quality for managers is the ability to lead by example, but only around a third (35%) of staff are seeing this from their managers. In parallel, record levels of unhappiness are plaguing the workplace - over a quarter (26%) are now unhappy at work, representing around 7.5 million of us.

What qualities would you like to see from your manager in a downturn?

Leading by example 61%
Representing staff better 39%
Transparency over recruitment and redundancies 38%
Communicating business performance 34%
Spending more time with staff 23%
Accepting a pay cut 23%

Is your manager leading by example?

Sector % saying 'yes'
Legal 55%
Retail and catering 48%
Public sector 46%
Manufacturing 39%
HR 38%
Healthcare 37%
Accountancy & Finance 35%
IT 29%
Banking & Finance 28%