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Pay on the rise but UK professionals are on the move

Pay on the rise but UK professionals are on the move

February 2010 - A quarter (24%) of those employers that instigated pay freezes during the recession have now lifted them. Recruitment freezes are on their way out too with a third (31%) of employers that instigated recruitment freezes during the recession lifting them at the start of this year. Even so, 41% of the office workers surveyed expect to move jobs over the next twelve months.

The findings revealed that a fifth (18%) of professionals are actively looking for a new job now. This figure is up 11% from this time last year. The legal market is particularly high, with 35% currently on the job hunt compared to only 10% of HR professionals.

On the one hand, the study paints a positive picture of an improving talent market, with the best employers beginning to reward their people for their loyalty during the recession. However, it's doing little to stop professionals starting to look for new roles as the economy warms up. The biggest motivation to move is career development, with 44% feeling their career has stagnated with their current employer.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, comments: "The study shows that prospects are improving for a lot of people within the job market; both for those actively looking for a new job and for those staying put.

"Now that the market is looking up, employers are finally tuning into the fact that they need to be doing more to ensure their top talent stays put. Likewise they need to be attracting high calibre applicants to enable their company to grow in the right direction.

"Those people looking for a new job shouldn't rush head first into a new role without thinking it through carefully and properly understanding all options available to them. The grass isn't always greener and better opportunities within your current company may be worth sticking around for."