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Election fear for UK professionals

Election fear for UK professionals

February 2010 - Around one in five (19%) expect the election to herald job cuts in their organisation, with the same amount expecting it to spark pay freezes. In total, two in every five professionals felt the election will have a direct impact on their job. One in ten feels their chances of promotion are likely to worsen.

Unsurprisingly, public sector workers are one of the biggest groups expecting changes, but legal professionals (55%) and HR professionals (53%) are anticipating an impact as well.

All the major political parties agree that public sector spending cuts are needed. Such cuts will have a clear impact on public sector professionals, but the knock on impact for organisations that work with the public sector is likely to be significant as well. Add fresh taxes into the mix, and many professionals believe the impact will be felt in their own workplace.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, comments: "There's little disagreement that spending cuts have to happen, and that greater regulation in areas such as pay, bonuses and taxes are likely to come on the back of the election. Whatever their final form, such measures are needed if the fragile recovery we're experiencing is to continue.

"There's genuine concern that, unless an appropriate balance is struck, they could lead to fresh job losses and more stalled careers. These figures show there remains concern amongst professionals on the issue.

"The key for employees is to get to grips with what impact the election is likely to have in their individual organisation. Don't make assumptions - speak with your peers, your managers and recruiters to draw a clear picture of what the election will mean for your employer, and how that will impact your career."