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Bruised CVs

Bruised CVs

February 2010 - CVs have taken a hit as a result of the downturn with around a third (34%) professionals being in a role that hasn't challenged them or enabled them to learn new skills since the recession took hold.

One in four (24%) were forced to take jobs they were over-qualified for or in a sector unrelated to their core career during the recession.

Unsurprisingly, professionals in the legal (20%) and banking and financial services (17%) sectors were more likely than any other sector to take a job that was totally unrelated to their core career. The figures highlight a key challenge for professionals across the nation as we emerge from the recession.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, comments: "What this study reveals is the extent to which the recession has negatively impacted on people's career plans.

"Professionals with 'bruised CVs' need to think carefully about how this will impact on the future of their career, and start taking every opportunity to address the situation now.

"If you've had to take a temporary side step, it's important to use everything at your disposal to help get your career back on track. Keeping in touch with old colleagues, reading your trade media, seeking advice from peers, colleagues and recruiters - all of these things are ways to regain control of a career that may have been temporarily derailed by the necessities of the recession. "