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Commitment to employers

April 2008 - Given our previous findings about the levels of office workers who were planning to change roles, we wanted to get a feel for the level of commitment and loyalty to current employers.

While it's clear that employers are willing to 'go the extra mile' for their immediate colleagues, loyalty to employers seems to be patchy at best with 34% saying they'd jump at the chance of moving jobs.

Thinking about your level of commitment to your employer, which of the following statements apply to you? Agree
I would go the extra mile for a colleague if asked 48.6%
I regularly go the extra mile to get my job done well 47.9%
I would not think twice about leaving my current job if a job I wanted came along 34.3%
I would go the extra mile for my employer if required 32.8%
I feel my colleagues would go the extra mile for me if I asked them to 30.1%
I often feel resentment about the things I am asked to do by my boss 14.4%
I do not enjoy my job but am too concerned about the state of the economy to look for something else 11.4%
I am committed to my employer and would consider taking a pay cut if asked 1.8%