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Career plans on track

Career plans on track

February 2009 - It seems that the downturn is failing to curb ambition with more than half of us (54%) remaining committed to the same career path as we were before the recession hit. One in twenty have even accelerated their career plans as the downturn leads to opportunities opening up, particularly in the finance sector.

The figures paint an intriguing picture of the UK employment market, and it seems much of the business community is still recruiting. One in four have decided to continue with their current recruitment strategy despite the recession, with one in seven actually spending more on recruitment than they did previously - a figure that rises to over a third in London.

There are some clouds to the silver lining though. Around one in five (21%) have postponed plans for promotion, whilst nearly one in seven (16%) have put off the search for another role. Under twenty-fives have been particularly affected, with nearly seven in ten of them refocusing attention on their current role rather than moving up or to another company.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, comments: "There's no denying the recession is hitting a large part of the workforce hard. Revolving reports of redundancies and unemployment figures makes it an undeniable fact. However, what this research has shown is large swathes of the working population sticking to their career paths, with a significant number even becoming more ambitious.

"That picture is mirrored by large numbers of employers remaining committed to recruitment. Yes, some big names have announced high profile recruitment freezes, but large numbers are still spending money on recruitment."

"All of this does, of course, have to be tempered with the very serious downturn businesses in the UK are experiencing. This research, though, shows large pockets where career plans are on track, recruitment remains healthy and ambition continues to be a key characteristic of British business life."