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Professionals on the look out for new roles in recovering economy

We don't believe our boss

August 2009 - More than one in four workers (27%) said they've been encouraged to start looking for a new job as a direct result of media coverage centred on 'green shoots of recovery.' The figure rises to 40% for workers in London.

The younger generation look to be the first on the move, with 42% of under 24 year-olds admitting they've been persuaded to look for a new role because of 'green shoots' media coverage.

The injection of life into the job market is also partly fuelled by many professionals' bad perceptions of their employers. A worrying one in four (25%) said they wouldn't recommend their employer to a friend.

For some months, the talent market place has been characterised by professionals unwilling to leave their current employers through fear of finding an attractive, safe role elsewhere. This latest study has shown the tide is starting to change.

Neil Wilson of Badenoch & Clark says, "Although still cautious, the general business atmosphere has seen an uplift in recent months. As people start to lift their head above the parapet, many see an opportunity to leave an employer that hasn't perhaps treated them very well during the downturn. For employers, this could lead to a dangerous brain drain at the precise moment they need their best people in place to push for growth.

"It can also be an opportunity for a lot of organisations though. The talent that was perhaps out of reach six months ago has come back into play, and there are some incredibly impressive individuals now looking for new challenges. For those employers with sufficient ambition and dedication to their people, there is an opportunity to attract the talent that can drive significant success."