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Change of heart for HR professionals

Workforce in the dark

August 2009 - It seems that HR professionals at last have a smile on their faces with a massive 90% claiming to be happy or very happy in their jobs in our latest survey.

This contrasts sharply with our findings earlier this year when our February results showed only 48% happy in their work. Organisational morale in the eyes of HR professionals has also climbed to a 73% high against a survey average of 58%.

However, it seems that HR professionals are being expected to deliver a great deal at the moment with 72% admitting to being "quite stressed" or "very stressed". This is largely as a result of increasing workloads (43%) and demanding bosses (32%).

Alison Burgin, executive director, HR recruitment at Badenoch & Clark commented, "At the beginning of the year it was a tough time for HR professionals, many of whom were involved in lengthy and distressing redundancy programmes and performance management discussions. Most businesses have now set their course for the future and the outlook is more positive.

"HR departments have an important role to play in resourcing, engaging and retaining staff so it is no surprise to me that work is more fulfilling for them now. However, with stress levels quite high, it remains important to ensure that HR teams are properly resourced or organisations risk their best talent moving on to departments where they feel better supported."